Sleeping bag Camp II
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Art. nr 807. Sleeping bag Camp II

Formularz zamówienia
Size Fill Temperature
comfort / extreme. [°C]
2x100 + 10/+ 2 315

Sleeping bag with a rectangular dopinanym hood for those who need more freedom of movement and do not like to be tightly otuleni. Weight 1000-1100g depending on size and type of tannin used. After the packed cylinder 32x19cm. Single-layer construction.

Schemat z wymiarami śpiwora Dimensions:
a 70 cm
b 70 cm
c 35 cm
d L - 185 cm, XL - 195 cm

Zipper side zip along the bottom, providing the possibility of spreading the total sleeping bag. After odpięciu cap can serve as a blanket adapted to duvet covers.


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