Trousers "Ekspedycja"
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Art. nr 504. Trousers "Ekspedycja"

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Versatile pants made of fabric outer thermoactive, stronger, durable mechanical damage, with mesh lining and straps. On the design of traditional braces mounted on the back of increased state regulated and spin buckle or unique design and spinanych harness mounted on the front (to quickly leave the trousers without the need for collecting jackets - preferred by women). Two external pockets allowed the front closing with zipper, covered flap. Unbind the entire length of the legs (locks dwusuwakowe) allows you to quickly remove and insert in all conditions (without downloading shoes). Additional aprons in the lower, inner parts of legs protect against the entry of pollutants, and snow boots. Additional strengthening of the knees and lower legs to protect against mechanical damage. Taped seams. Ideal for tourists and mountain skiers.

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