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Our fleece material made from the Shelter or Q-Fleece pezez company produced FWR BIRUNA SA.


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SHELTER knit with unique structure keeps dry and warm microclimate of the skin. It has hydrophobic properties, ie, does not absorb water in amounts greater than 1% of their weight. Thanks to knit is always dry and soft to the touch. Microscopic air bags in the structure produces a thermal insulation material retaining body heat and draining the moisture out. Thanks knit group SHELTER perfectly regulate humidity inside the garment. Shelter is antiallergic and does not cause allergies.


Characteristics of fabrics from the group SHELTER: Shelter propertiesShelter właściwości

Excellent thermal insulation properties
Resistant to pilling (antypiling)
Durable in use

Materiał polar

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art. 201 Fleece jacket "Tadek" S-XL 235 zł
art. 203 Fleece jacket "Olo" S-XL 320 zł
art. 204 Fleece jacket "Jan" S-XL 395 zł
art. 205 Kurtka Q-fleece/softshell/windblock S-XL 275 zł
375 zł
art. 241 Fleece vest "Janek" S-XL 165 zł
art. 261 Fleece trousers reinforced S-XL 215 zł

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